How to Use Special Character In WordPress Post. You Should Try. Latest Tricks 2020

Hello readers. Today we are going to teach a new thing again, that is, how can you add a special teacher in WordPress. For this, here I have given some very simple ways which you will like very much and will make your work even easier.

How to Use Spacial Character In WordPress Post.

Have you ever wondered how popular websites add TM, copyright ©, registered ® or currency trademarks? One of our users recently asked if there was an simple way for WordPress posts and pages to include special characters. The average keyboard does not show these characters, making it hard for beginners to use them. We’ll show you other ways to easily add characters to WordPress articles in this article. The best approach for your process is to choose.

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Use Block editor to Paste Spacial Character In WordPress.

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In the paragraph formatting options, the WordPress Block Editor does not come with a special block or menu. Nevertheless, in the WordPress block editor, you can use two methods to add special characters. Let’s look at them both, so you can choose the one you like more easily.

Use HTML Code for Specials Character In WordPress.

WordPress automatically sends it into HTML as you write a blog post. Almost every website uses it as a markup language. A list of HTML entities is available in HTML. These are special codes that can be used inside HTML to display characters, marks, arrows, etc. You can add specific HTML characters not usually found in the layouts of the keyboard. You can, for instance, use HTML entity code to display the TM symbol if you wish to add a trademark symbol. Likewise, you can use code in your article to add a copyright of © symbol.

Notice how every HTML entity code starts with an ampersand and ends with a half column. Once you have applied a HTML object code to the post file, it won’t convert it to the right character. But you will automatically see the special character appearing when you publish or preview your post in place of the HTML entity code.

There are a wide range of characters available, such as special characters, Latin characters, numbers, currencies, representations of science and more. See’s HTML character comparison map for the complete guide.

Alternative Method for Spacial Character In WordPress.

You would be better off using a plug-in than to check the HTML reference charts each time you need to add special characters on a regular basis. First of all, the Insert Special Characters plugin must be installed and activated. For more details on installing a WordPress plugin, see our step-by-step guide.

Once activated, simply edit the post or page where specific characters are to be added. In the paragraph block, select the’ Specific characters ‘ option by clicking the drop-down arrow in the block toolbar.

A preview with special characters will appear. Just find the particular character and then click on the editor to attach it. You can add special characters while writing blog posts here if you still have the old classic WordPress editor. You must first press the sink button of the kitchen.

The second line of formatting options where the Special Characters icon should be seen is broadened. If you click a special button, a pop-up window displays some special characters commonly used. It has symbols, currency, trademark, copyright, signs, math and symbols.

Note that this approach will only work if you use the old WYSIWYG mode editor. If you use it in text-mode, you must either switch to the Visual Editor or use the above described HTML entities method. You just have to click on the symbol or character that you want to use to add it to your post.

We hope you learn how to add special characters in articles and pages in WordPress. Maybe you also want to see our entire WordPress Block Editor Master Guide.


I hope this article is very useful for you and you will get a more things about it. We are update here more tricks and tips at regular basis so you can visit our tricks and tips section to get more new tips to make your life more easier.

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