Latest 4D MSI Optix 2020 Edition Right Review.

Latest 4D MSI Optix 2020 Edition Right Review.

Latest 4D MSI Optix 2020 Edition.

4D MSI Optix latest 27-inch 165Hz 1440p tablet screen is an impressive all-rounder, but its VA panel is not the fastest game display on the market given the requested 1ms pixel response. The new 4D MSI Optix has cut off its work in a increasingly busy market for highly refreshed game monitors. It is something like a middle market specimen of the gameplate breed. As a 27 inch curved model with a 165 Hz refreshment and the popular 1440p resolution. Below are the 1080p masses while more exclusive areas are occupied by 4k and even higher refreshments.

If the $399 price (£ 399/around AU$6000) represents everything, then the problem of LCD panel type is not really an assertion. The weapon to choose from is a VA screen instead of a TN or IPS screen for the 4D MSI Optix. In terms of image quality, that has certain implications. For rapid pixel response, VA is not exactly known. But let’s first address the main criteria. As a 1440p monitor, you get a maximum refresh of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels. The speed of a 1080p panel and the 4 K detail is a good compromise. To drive a 4 K panel with high refreshment rate, you really need some serious graphics hardware, so 1440p matches most medium

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4D MSI Optix Design.

The 4D MSI Optix is supported by the adaptive syncing technology of AMD’s FreeSync. Late it was also made compatible with Nvidia graphics cards, and the 4D MSI Optix and the G-Sync equivalent functionality were no problem in our Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 tester system. In other cases, the panel curvature is quite small, it has a 1500R radius and a single cable USB-C connection, which is also declared by MSI as’ HDR enabled.’ However, this is not a real HDR display with a high brightness of only 300cd / m2 and with no local dimmable. However, in terms of construction it’s a high quality item with an attractive chassis.

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But what is the look of the 4D MSI Optix? Punchy colors and a lot of contrast are part of the upsides. The Panel Samsung supplied offers a static 3,000:1 contrast, which is immediately evident in darker game scenes where a lot of shadow detail is obvious. The 165Hz refresh is also as snappy as all sports fans expect. More difficult is the actual pixel response of this monitor. Long since the poor reaction has been a feature of the VA panels, there is no exception for the 4D MSI Optix.

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4D MSI Optix contains three levels of overdrive pixel responses in the OSD menu. The two faster modes, unfortunately also have the distinct characteristics of the opposite ghost. Undoubtedly, but not always perceptible in the game. You are finally subjective in how much reverse ghosting disturbs you. But in this monitor it’s present. To this point, MSI is a little dishonest in its statements of 1ms response results. The 4D MSI Optix clearly isn’t that fast compared with, say, a 1ms TN gaming monitor.

Apart from that, the 1440p resolution makes for plenty of details on a 27-inch panel, the build quality is good and if RGB mood lighting is your bag, MSI  Mystic Light ambient lighting system also comes in. You do not want the GPU strain of the full 4 K monitor if you are on the market to a 1440p high-refresh game panel that is very colored and high in contrast, but you do want something cut above the ten80p standardix, this is a good choice. Do you want a versatile all-rounder which is not only ideal for playing games, but has also plenty of pixels to appreciate screen usability and panel consistency.

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