Anker Buds 2 Review

Anker Buds 2 Review. Free Chance to Win. Latest Generation Ear Buds.

Anker Buds 2

The true wireless earbuds Anker Buds 2 feature a comfortable design, strong performance of Bluetooth, good audio chops and enough quality of life to create a first impression. Don’t make a mistake: these are great buds for commuters. Apple was promised a revolution in 2016 as the first manufacturer to take the 3,5 mm headphone jack off its handsets. Apple Airpods, the first generation released in the same year, was the first wave of new real wireless earpieces to transform listening devices forever.

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Anker Buds 2 Specifications

However, only lately, that pledge has finally come to fruition–not just the high-end iterations we used to do with, but a tidal wave of genuine wireless earbud models at affordable prices. Anker is one of the most recent Chinese manufacturer to put his chape in the ring. With its well-known name, Anker has a cachet many others don’t have with its popular soundcore speakers and batteries. However, this is still a new field for the company and all its products are first triales–they’re worth buying for $59.99 / £ 49.99 / AU$100, even on budget?

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Anker Buds 2 Fantastic Design.

In the world of real wireless, the Anker buds 2 is deeply inspired by AirPodi, i.e., they imitate Apple’s concept absolutely overtly. In addition, there are only few distinctive form factors. Nevertheless, whatever the originality of Anker buds 2 earbuds, they offer convenience and support. Each earbud is feather light and fits snugly, helping to include several silicone tips in various sizes.

The earbuds ‘Anker buds 2  stem is red, which means that they are not as long as the white AirPods. Each bud has one button on it, which is easy to use (on / off, pairing and skipping).The body case too is thin, and the USB-C specification is excellent–a nice touch, which at this price point we do not always get. It has a large battery that allows up to 40 hours away from the charger with combined recharge and use on the go. We found that we never had to load the case ourselves with enough juice to fill up our buds every few days, when we were using our Buds for a regular commute for one week.

Such earbuds, if a little utilitarian, are all dis-obtrusive and convenient. The case easily blends into the pocket of a coat on the road for which it was designed. The only flavor is a little gold-focused on each bud’s edge–otherwise it’s a stringent business that should be expected from the budget price point. There is a decent waterproof rating, although in light rainfall, we would reluctantly use these earbuds.

The Soundcore Life P2 earbuds come with an attached Marketing litany, which is common for sound products sold principally through Amazon. “Graphene drivers warrant their quality. The experience of using the buds–largely a positive one–is important. Bluetooth connectivity is better at the edge. Using an iPhone 11, we found that there was no skips or abandonment at the reception through the rooms and through different walls and this was also the case while we were going. Pairing is also easy, as the buds immediately connect to the last device that is used when their case is removed.

The sound profile is also a big first impression, which is usually too widespread. The bass is powerful and powerful, if not spacious, but there’s a decently large sound stage in your ears that has both buds.

The bass was found funky and smooth in Outkast’s Prototype, Kate Schilling’s warm jazzy notes well represented, and the power to be spared in the drums of the Avenged Sevenfold Crossroads track. These earbuds have the IPX7-rated commutes too-however, they are for Spotify users, not teeth-armed audiophiles with files of FLAC or Ohm (look it up). These are also designed for workouts. Their call success is one important selling point for these earbuds. Generally, we had high expectations with four microphones, which were mostly met.

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