All in one Complete SEO Tutorial for WordPress. 2020 1

All in one Complete SEO Tutorial for WordPress. Free And Latest 2020

Introduction of SEO

We are aware of the idea of optimizing WordPress SEO for beginners, especially if you’re not technology geek. But it must not be complicated. Don’t worry. Start to learn the fundamentals here and then start applying them to your own website. SEO is an acronym for optimization of the search engine. It is a strategy used by website owners to increase traffic in search engines. Optimization of the search engine does not require tricking the program or Google. The idea is merely to build a website with code and formatting optimized, making it easy to find your site by search engines.

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Importance of SEO

All in one Complete SEO Tutorial for WordPress. 2020 2
All in one Complete SEO Tutorial for WordPress.

When people search the web to find the topics that you have written about, the search results will show more search-engine-optimized contents and you will get more people to click through your website. Advanced algorithms are used by Google and other search engines to properly understand the results and to classify pages. These aren’t perfect algorithms, however, still need your help in understanding your content. Search engines will not learn how to identify the contents if your site is not configured. You do not see your website in the search results if people search for the topics about which you write.

Important Steps to make a SEO score high.

All in one Complete SEO Tutorial for WordPress. 2020 3
All in one Complete SEO Tutorial for WordPress.

SEO can be technical, but not necessarily. The only thing you can learn from a few simple SEO tips is to automate your website.To use the following techniques, you don’t want to be a technology genius. You have the necessary information to start optimizing your site if you are already using WordPress. WordPress comes with an integrated search engine option for hiding your website. This option provides you with time to work on your website before it becomes publicly available. It choice can be unintentionally tested however sometimes and does not make the website search engines available.

When the search results do not show up on your website, you must first make sure that this choice is unchecked. You need to scroll down into the section ‘ Search Engine Visibility’ and make sure the box next to’ Discouragement Search Engine to index this website is unchecked. You can easily log in to the Administration section of your WordPress website. Click the’ Save changes ‘ button to save your changes, do not forget to click. SEO-friendly URLs contain words that clearly explain the contents of the website, and both users and search engines can read them quickly.

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Notice that these URLs do not use content-connected numbers, and the user can not foresee, from looking at the URL, what they see on the website. Using a SEO friendly permalink structure, you can improve your search results. Here you can review and update the permanent link structure of your WordPress site. The Settings > Permalinks page needs to be visited. To save your settings, select the option post name and click on the’ Save Changes ‘ button.

Please do not adjust the permalink configuration when you use the numbers option if you have been running your web site for more than 6 months. Try to use this if you use day and name or month and name. You will lose all of your social media share numbers and risk losing your existing SEO classification if you change your permalink structure on a established site. If the permanent link arrangement needs to be changed, hire a professional to set up correct redirects. Your media share count on the sites will still be missing.

Make Sure – Please do not change the permalink configuration after your site is run for more than 6 months unless you use the alternative numbers. Try to use the Day and Name or Month and Number. You are losing all of your social media share count and risk losing your current SEO ranking by changing your permanent link structure on an established site. If you need to change the structure of your permalink then hire a professional to set up accurate redirection. Your counts on the pages will still be lost.

You must then choose whether to use www (http:/ or not-www (http:/ in the URL of your website if you are only starting your website. These search engines are regarded as two different websites, so you must select and adhere to them.
By visiting the Settings>General page, you can set your preferences. In the’ WordPress’ and’ Site Address ‘ fields, add your preferred URL.

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